Amanda O'Donnell        Keyboard/Vocals

Sidney Joseph  Drums/Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Teddy Powell       Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Doug Miles    Bass/Guitar/Drums/Vocals

        THE BIO

​​​​AfroBearthe band

​ AfroBear is a four piece Soul-Ternative Rock Band, infusing elements of Soul music,Reggae, Hip Hop and Blues.​ ​

 The four members moved in together a little over  a year ago with the sole purpose of creating and recording original new music. 

 The band is known for their tight grooves and electric live shows. They also improvise and are known to switch instruments on stage. 

​ Front woman Amanda brings a light to the stage that's hard to look away from. The raw power of her voice commands everyones immediate attention! She is complemented perfectly by Teddy's melodic  guitar chord voicing and tasty lead solos.

 Add the hypnotic pulse of AfroBears's rhythm section comprised of Sidney and Doug. Each switching between drums,bass and guitar duties.

   They are currently recording at the legendary Studio 4 in Philadelphia, and with Philly producer David Ivory